“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

~ Carl Jung

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dancing with Change

I am reading a wonderful little book, Life, Love and Lilies:  The Sanctified Self , written by my neighbor Brenda Bunch Strickland.  I keep returning to one particular section - her discussion of change.  Change is one of those topics my heart and my head just can’t reconcile.  In my head I know change is our constant companion on this journey through life; but, my heart’s response to change is almost always fear and dread. 

In my work I often help others negotiate the change life brings to us all every day.  In this context I can offer empathy and provide a safe haven for processing through the often conflicting emotions we experience in the face of life’s challenges.  In this context I can think of the changes in my life and remember that the most difficult and painful periods of my life have clearly resulted in the most growth and positive development both within me and my circumstances.  My heart and my head are both connected and engaged the process. 

When dealing with changes in my own life, I lose this perspective.  My heart is not able to stay connected with what I know in my head.  Brenda has provided me with an image that I am hoping will help me to stay integrated.  Brenda states: 

"To breathe and dance 
with change 
is to be fully alive, 
 fully one with God
 and fully at peace.” 

I love the image of dancing with change.  The image of myself learning the steps to a new, unfamiliar dance fits.  It is about movement.  It is about struggling to get the steps, stumbling a little, and probably stepping on a few toes in the process.  It requires me to exert myself, to breathe deeply and engage with the life process, with God.

This weekend I created this image in my art journal and on a canvas to share with the wonderful woman 
who gave it to me.  To learn more about Brenda and her book visit her website at www.brendastrickland.us