“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

~ Carl Jung

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whispers of Love

We are whispers of love dancing in the breeze.
We are spiritual beings on a path of loving service,
Where if we pay attention the sacred earth wisdom
Within will direct our destinies to a  place of
Peace where joy and love abound.
Embrace how beautiful you are and
Make your life a garden of grace and beauty.
We are love and love is the light 
within that guides our way.
~ Michael Teal

I found this quote recently.  The line “we are whispers of love dancing in the breeze”  has been going round and round in my mind since.  I think in part because I want to be a whisper of love and lately I haven’t really felt very successful in that regard.

As I have enjoyed this beautiful spring weekend in the mountains, I realized that I haven’t been listening to the things around me that whisper love to me.  I have been focused on the things that worry me, the stressful things in my life - the very things that drain me and rob me of love, joy and peace.  I wonder why the things that give us joy and peace and that refill the reservoir of love inside us whisper to us and the worry thoughts seem to shout. 

This weekend has reminded me to listen to the whispers.    So I thought I would share some of the things that have whispered to me.

Sunset on the water



Fern Fiddleheads
What is whispering to you?


Loretta Thomas said...

Very nice post and poem! I enjoyed it... XO!

Dottie said...

Thanks Loretta. Hope you have a wonderful week listening to the whispers that bring you peace and joy.

Maureen said...

Why do we always need reminders to listen to the world around us. I think it is the worst of human conditions. Your spring is a little ahead of mine but the sounds are still there when I take time to listen.

Sue Marrazzo said...

'Enjoyed this post!
The journal is Sweet!

Dottie said...

Thanks Sue,
Love your collages on Etsy! Especially love "Go Fly a Kite"